Edwin Casaldi

Edwin Casaldi

General Overview of Credentials/Qualifications

Edwin is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania. A relative newcomer to the profession, he began his counseling career in 2009 with PCS. Although he began practicing rather late in life, Edwin feels that the experience he obtained in the human service field is a definite asset while providing counseling service to our consumers. The following is a brief synopsis of his work experience.

Professional Work History

Edwin began his professional career working as a counselor at Shuman Detention Center located in Pittsburgh, PA. He then became employed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh. It was then that Edwin developed an interest in behavioral programming as he implemented behavioral programs for emotionally disturbed children. He then went back to grad school at Edinboro University. While pursuing his M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling, Edwin worked at the Lake Erie Institute of Rehabilitation as a behavior aide with head injured patients. After earning his M.A. degree Edwin obtained a position as a Behavior Specialist/Psychologist Assistant providing services to consumers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition to his counseling duties at PCS, Edwin is also a Residential Specialist which provides therapeutic services to consumers with mental health issues.

Focus of Therapy

Edwins' approach to therapy is eclectic in nature. He feels that since no two people are alike, he should tailor his therapeutic intervention around the unique characteristics of each consumer. He has recently developed an interest in Core Belief Therapy as promoted by Dr. Alice Brown and hopes to utilize certain features of his therapy as he becomes more qualified to do so.

Professional Organizations

Edwin is currently a member of the American Counseling Association as well as Edinboro University Alumni Association.